Will Digimaster3 support Lexus Odometer Correction?

Q1: Will Yanhua Digimaster III support Lexus Odometer Correction? After updating the digimaster3 mileage programmer, I cannot find a Lexus car model.

A: Please try to find it from the-> Japanese& Korean cars->Lexus

Digimaster3 Lexus 1 Digimaster3 Lexus 2

If also cannot find please go to Digimaster 3 menu “Management”-> delete DEVI file, and then update again.

Digimaster3 Lexus 3

Q2: When I enter digimaster3 Lexus, there is nothing on the interface, it is empty.

Digimster3 Lux 1 Digimster3 Lux 2

A: Please update digimaster 3 to the latest version,you can check here to learn : How to update Digimaster3 online


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