How to install and connect MB CAN Filter 8-in-1 or 5-in-1

Mercedes-Benz MB CAN Filter is able to filter the km synchronization command between the cluster and the EZS module. There are two MB CAN Filters available in

MB CAN Filter 5-in-1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 and X166
MB CAN Filter 8 in 1 for W221 W204 W212 W166 X166 W172 W218 W246

Here is the MB CAN Filter 8-in-1 connection operation video instruction:

Here are some connection & installation photo screenshots of the MB CAN Filter 8-in-1 box.
MB-CAN-Filter-8-in-1-box-1 MB-CAN-Filter-8-in-1-box-2 MB-CAN-Filter-8-in-1-box-3
CAN Filter 8-in-1 share the similar operation way:

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